The Million Dollar Question! By Dallas Hair Replacement Center

Hair replacement specialist, John Florig discusses his personal transformation after hair restoration

To have hair or not to have hair…that is the question!

Some of us just are lucky when it comes to thick, flowing, healthy hair and the rest of us were down right ripped off! To me, bald is not beautiful. Fortunately there are several great hair replacement alternatives, but it hasn’t always been this way. I remember seeing the old guy in the grocery store with the nice blue suit and the two toned hairpiece. You know, the one who comes home and hangs up his coat and then his toupee? Then you would see him out in his yard, with no wig in sight, on a Saturday mowing his lawn bald! This to me was always very disturbing. You would think that he would have just stopped wearing that thing after the first awkward look he got from a stranger.

Hairpieces in the past were just for movie stars or for people to wear to weddings and funerals. In ancient times, they had quite an array of bad hair starting with the Egyptians who wore them to shield their scalps from the sun. I loved the aristocrats and barristers with the curly white powered wigs, which they still wear court. Over time wigs have come in and out of fashion, whether for social or professional gatherings.

I want to personally thank the researchers who worked so diligently to develop the hair replacement market into what it is today. Wigs and hairpieces have finally evolved into a socially acceptable commodity. The industry has become so innovative that you virtually cannot notice when someone is wearing a hair replacement system. Manufacturers have developed all different types including: lace, skin, v-looped and many additional products. The new innovations allow for working out, water activities, and even washing and blow-drying your hair. I kid you not; it’s just like having your own hair back.

Imagine a day where you wake up, go to the gym, go for a bike ride, dive in the pool and then shower when you get home. And the best part is you’re able to do all of this with a full head of flowing hair. The day has finally arrived! I wear a full skin hair replacement system that is undetectable to the eye and it looks better than my hair ever did before. The parts of your life you thought you would never get back actually happen to me on a daily basis. I have also gotten into the best shape of my life because I feel more confident. I have my hair back and I’m healthy, mentally and emotionally complete.

Picture yourself with the complete package. I attribute much of my success to my hair restoration transformation. My hair has allowed me to be motivated to work on the other parts of my life that I have always wanted to improve upon. Your confidence will sore to new heights because you look and feel younger. It is a huge boost in getting a big piece of your life back. Please give us a call today…You deserve it! 214-691-5700 #Folicurehairreplacement – Follow us on Facebook