We’ve restored the hair of hundreds of women with hair loss just like yours.

In 1987 I had breast cancer. I had two surgeries and 30 radiation treatments. After the treatments my hair thinned out especially on the top in the front for the world to see. The doctors said when I was having radiation, “No you won’t loose your hair.” I did. I tried pulling the hair from the far back forward, but it never worked. The hair in front never grew after the surgery. It became worse, thinning more with time. I had it colored darker with the idea it would hide the bare spots, but it didn’t. A gal that was doing my hair one day and said, “Sharon why don’t you take a colored pencil and color in the bare spots.” I realized I was kidding myself, thinking others didn’t see it.

It was time to do something new and worthwhile. I went to several places like, hair extensions etc, etc, but all of these so called solutions were only temporary fixes and very costly. A friend of mine worked at Folicure and said why don’t you come and meet with John the owner of Folicure, and see what you think of his hair concept. After the cancer I often wore wigs, and they were so uncomfortable and hot, especially in our Texas summer weather. I couldn’t see wearing a hair piece that was hot and uncomfortable glued on my head.

Then I got to thinking, what it looked like now was terrible, and if I could have a full head of hair, that could be styled, why not. At this point I wore my hair the same way and was always aware of the bald spots showing.

I made an appointment at Folicure, and was taken with the concept. I was very impressed with John, who covered all the bases of the process, and was not in the least bit pushy to make the sale. He approached the situation more on the bases to help me feel better about myself, but I had to think about it. I have three daughters, one was with me on my first visit at Folicure. After they looked over the brochure and heard what John had to say they all agreed, “Go for it, Mom.” I went to Folicure soon after this and had the measurements taken and hair color chosen. I was so excited and wanted it that day, but it took a few weeks for the hair to be made and ready to installed. The day finally came and it again seemed drastic to shave the top of my head, so the gal that was installing the system said she would just cut the hair short of what there was, and then glue it. I was ecstatic. We went to Kauai the next week, and as I was swimming in the ocean, I thought, oh my gosh what if it comes off in the salt water. What would I do.

It didn’t. It was fine just like regular hair. I thought I would have to buy special hair products etc. but no, regular shampoo and conditioner worked just fine, because it was real hair. I always wanted to have high lights, and with my miserable hair before I couldn’t. It never showed enough to be worth while. Now I could with my new hair. I loved it. The system is so thin, and light it never ever felt like the wigs I had worn in the past. It took a little bit to get used to it, but that was only for a short time, because it was something new to me. It is always exciting to get a new system, and after the first few visits I had the top of my head shaved. I said to myself, why not, it stays glued better, longer, and no one sees the shaved area anyway. I have been with Folicure since 1989 and am supremely happy with my hair and their company. If anyone has any questions about making the big step, I would say like my daughter did. GO FOR IT.

When I was diagnosed with lung cancer and began radiation and chemotherapy, my hair began to fall out very quickly. I had several upcoming important customers meetings where I needed to look my best. John and his team at Folicure came to my aid with a hair system that very accurately resembled my natural hair. I work at a large engineering firm with several thousand people on site. However, only my closest associates, whom I told of Folicure’s help, were able to discern the difference between my natural hair and my hair system. Many remarked, “You look so good! And how did you get to keep your natural hair? I thought chemo always caused your hair to fall out!?” None of our customers ever questioned it and I was able to attend several months of important meetings with confidence.

John and his staff have made me feel very comfortable and that “my need is their need”. Everyone at Folicure has done their best to accommodate my needs and work my hair appointments around chemotherapy treatments and other doctor’s visits. The stylists at Folicure make you feel important and strive to make sure your expectations are met. In my case, Folicure certainly exceeded my expectations and opened my eyes to the fact that there are options for men to look natural with a hair system through Folicure. John has built a customer-focused business that discriminates itself through excellent customer service.