Our systems are undetectable, both to sight and touch.

Folicure utilizes a patented, non-surgical procedure, which restores your hair to the way it was before you experienced hair loss.

As artisans, we are not factory reliant like our competitors. Once the initial mould is designed and the base is produced, we go straight to work making the hairline and additional aesthetics by hand. In most cases, you can come in for a consultation and walk out with your new hair the same day. For a few clients, who have unique hair growth patterns or gravity splits, cranial abnormalities, etc. we can prepare a system within 4-6 weeks.

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Folicure’s signature hairline is second to none. A common struggle of our competitors is the inability to blend systems with your existing hair at the sides and back, combined with failure to capture color, texture and style. Our technicians are highly trained and specialize in hair restoration, ensuring undetectability for all of our clients.

No one will ever know you are in Folicure hair besides yourself and your stylist.